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Certain Someone is Back and A Weeks Worth of Food

My honey is back. Thank you guys for bearing with me as I got a little melancholy. It was a long time away , but the man has to do what he has to do in regards to his job. Certain Someone flew in last Monday and our first meal was his favorite . Harold's fried Chicken. He was going through withdrawals and I couldn't blame him. Plus I was to tired to cook. Tuesday he took me to the place where we met and fell and love. Le Sardine. This little gem of a restaurant has a prix fixe for $25 every Tuesday for 3 full size courses. I knew he was the man for me when I saw him order and devour a lamb shank 2 1/2 years ago. Last Tuesday I was more adventurous and started with blood sausage and caramelised apples. So good. Open your minds people. I then had Maigret of duck with lentils, and Grand Mariner souffle with Strawberry coulis. Certain Someone had a braised oxtails and gnocchi to start, steak,and the creme brulee. It was nice to unwind finally and relax over dinner.

With my man back I needed to get shopping. CS's starter was so small , I got to thinking of the last time I made oxtails. Its was the first meal I made for him. Slow cooked while I was work. I took Thursday off to prepare for a house guest of ours this weekend and picked up some oxtails. I slow cooked them in my Le Creuset Dutch oven with some bay leaf, canned tomatoes, mushrooms, frozen beet greens, leeks, and leftover frozen cauliflower puree I had. Just throwing in tons of produce.The cauliflower puree soaked up the liquid and made a nice thickened low carb sauce. I served this with saffron rice. Homey and good.It doesnt look like much , but it was delish.
We still have some leftovers.

Fridays fare was more American leading up to the holiday weekend. Hot wings. I used Franks Hot sauce . I was rushed and they didn't come out as crispy as I liked, but nevertheless good.

With our Swedish house guest we went out to dinner most of the time. Fogo De Chao ( I can never eat my share of meat there, its a mans place), deep dish Chicago Pizza at Lou Malnati's, drinks at Sushi Samba.
And today this late lunch/ dinner waiting for him when returned form the golf course. A summer vegetable medley I whipped up with my mandolin of yellow squash, sliced Brussels sprouts, chopped tomatoes, herbs, and a splash of rice vinegar slowly sauteed. The ribs were slow cooked after a dry rub with Penzeys BBQ 3000( a gift from a friend) my own rub of pulverized bay leaf and cumin seeds( I remember Peter writing of ground Bay Leaf and decided to try it myself), pan wrapped and sealed in foil with a little water, and slow cooked for about 3-4 hours. Then I took the foil off when I judged the meat to be tender enough and brushed with the excellent Country Bobs sauce. Meaty and tender.

Writing this I realize we ate very good this week. But its a special week. The return of Certain Someone, a long holiday weekend, and showing our friend some of Chicago. I got my mojo back.

I have a winner for the The Sharper Your Knife The Less You Cry Book Giveaway. Using RANDOM. ORG I got Bellini Valli who is living her dream:
Dreams can come true. I started on my dream when I visited a cooking school/vacation on the island of Kea in Greece. There are so many wonderful cooking vacations in so many diverse countries it would be my dream to visit most of them and then wtite a guide book for others to enjoy.

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

It sounds lovely. What a nice way to end the summer!

Bellini Valli said...

I can't wait to start reading this book. I am so glad that you pointed it out to us all. I hope that even those who haven't won get the opportunity to read it as well:D This is the perfect way to end my day..thank you so much Glamah!!!!!!!!

Proud Italian Cook said...

I can tell you're a happy girl now, your Man is back! Good for you! All that great food you've been eating too, yummm! I love the sound of that Grand Mariner souffle, was it as good as it sounds?? I bet it was "Oh so good!" Have fun with your CS! Oh and "Yeah" for Lou Malnati's pizza!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great! You seem happier now.

All that gorgeous food makes me hungry!



Ivy said...

You must be very happy that your man is back and also enjoying a lot of yummy food. I am glad to hear that Val won the book.

kittie said...

Great to hear the smile in your voice!

And that is most definitely a good weeks food :D

Emiline said...

I've wondered about oxtail. I've heard it's very good! You are really adventurous.

Mmm hot wings.

Welcome back CS!

Congrats Valli!

Darius T. Williams said...

I love Fogo. I was at Texas de Brazil this past Friday night. It was awesome - such a great time with friends.

Oh yea, Harold's is good - but you gotta get to the west side and get some Coleman's. When you're ready to go, lemme know!


linda said...

Good to hear your man is finally back. I see you spoilt him already ;)
Everything looks delicious!

Jeanne said...

Glad CS is back and all is well with the world :) I'm beginning to collect restaurant recommendations off your blog for when I'm in Chacago in October - Le Sardine sounds fantastic! And I loved your oxtails too - one of my favourite winter dishes.

Deborah said...

Welcome home CS!! It all looks so amazing. I've never had oxtails,but it's something I would love to make.

Jen said...

$25 for 3 full courses and at dinner? That's amazing.

Your week in food sounds so good...

Nik Snacks said...

Am I allowed to admit that I'm crying right now? LOL<---and laughing too, apparently.

I want to go to Le Sardine and fall in love...I am so happy and glad that you and CS are reunited right now :) And that you've had sumptuous food and that you've shared it with us!

Dee said...

Where do I start.

Yay, for the men in our lives. I'm glad yours is back, Coco.

Lamb Shanks are one of my man's favourites. Mine too. I eat my veg dutifully but I LOVE my meat. Guess that's why Jules and I are perfect together :)

Jules makes a mean oxtail. Spicy, and guaranteed to put meat on your bones (not that I need much of that anymore). The cauliflower puree is a brilliant idea.

The wings look delicious, but I'm drooling over the ribs! You have got your mojo back, and then some!

Dhanggit said...

i feel like reading a romantic post..too much love in the air glamah i could feel it from here..nothing comes close to sumptous meal shared with the love of our life :-) congrats to Bellini Valli!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

You certainly did make a killing in the food when the man got back! Everything looks delicious! Isn't it amazing when we don't have the honey's around our motivation to cook doesn't seem too high?

Gabi said...

Nice to hear you've got your mojo back- things can get a little off when the CS is away. Know all about that!
Your passion is showing- and that's a grand thing :)

ben said...

I'm so glad he's back! :) It all sounds good--you remind me of my grandma in a way, she showed her love through food. I'm hopping through town Monday morning if you're interested in breakfast before you head off to work.

Gigi said...

You had a fantastic week! Great man, great friends, and great food!

maybelle's mom said...

AHH, harold's chicken. All this lovely food, and all I can think about is those soggy fries and white bread. I so miss that Chicago delicacy.

giz said...

You have definitely been a busy girl. I so wish I knew more about some of the dishes.

Rosie said...

Great news Coco so happy for you to hear your man is back : ) Everything looks SO delicious too

Congrats to Val on winning the book :)

Rosie x

Heather said...

THat is such a romantic post. You're a big softie! I love that you made the same dish as the first time you cooked for him, and remember where/what you ate on your first date. SO sweet.

Glad your man (and groove) is back.

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Glad you are back to us Courtney! It is amazing how we tend to remember big moments in our life in relation to food! Seems like you've had a blast and a bunch of good meals now that CS is back!