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And Now For Some Sweet Election Day Relief and a Contest

Pillsbury Voting – General Election Cake vs. Brownies – State Breakdown

State Winner

AK(Alaska) Brownies
AL(Alabama) Brownies

AR(Arkansas) Cake
AZ(Arizona) Cake

CA(California) Brownies
CO(Colorado) Cake
CT (Connecticut) Brownies
DE(Delaware) Brownies
FL(Florida) Brownies
GA(Georgia) Brownies
HI(Hawaii) Brownies
IA(Iowa) Brownies
ID(Idaho) Brownies
IL(Illinois) Brownies
IN(Indiana) Brownies
KS(Kansas) Brownies
KY(Kentucky) Brownies
LA(Louisiana) Brownies
MA(Mass.) Brownies
MD(Maryland) Brownies
ME(Maine) Brownies
MI(Michigan) Brownies
MN(Minnesota) Brownies
MO(Missouri) Brownies
MS(Mississippi) Brownies
MT(Montana) Brownies
NC(North Carolina)Brownies
ND(North Dakota) Brownies
NE(Nebraska) Brownies
NH(New Hampshire) Brownies
NJ(New Jersey) Brownies
NM(New Mexico) Brownies
NV(Nevada) Brownies
NY(New York) Brownies
OH(Ohio) Brownies
OK(Oklahoma) Brownies
OR(Oregon) Brownies
PA(Pennsylvania) Brownies
RI(Rhode Island) Brownies
SC(South Carolina) Brownies
SD(South Dakota) Brownies
TN(Tennessee) Brownies
TX(Texas) Brownies
UT(Utah) Brownies

VA(Virginia) Cake
VT(Vermont) TIE!
WA(Washington) Brownies
WI(Wisconsin) Brownies
WV(West Virginia) Cake
WY(Wyoming) Brownies


This season there has been a sweet debate taking place online and in kitchens across the country. Pillsbury® asked Americans to cast votes for their favorite dessert – cake or brownies and brownies were declared America’s Favorite Dessert in the Pillsbury® Campaign for a Sweeter America. After a national campaign tour with the Pillsbury Doughboy® and an online election, it was Brownies’ undeniable richness that won the hearts (and stomachs) of the nation’s voters.

To celebrate Brownies’ victory, the makers of Pillsbury baking products want to hear how people make things sweeter with their favorite desserts at The sweetest entry will receive a kitchen makeover worth $5,000, and Pillsbury will also make a donation to Feeding AmericaTM to help end hunger in this country.

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Half Baked said...

It looks like brownies win by a landslide!! Cute post:)

chou said...

Really?! Brownies? They're good, but what about cupcakes? :) Happy election day to you! We absentee-voted in IL, and I felt all warm and fuzzy. Then I realized that they'd sent me the wrong ballot.

linda said...

I'd choose brownies too :)

Proud Italian Cook said...

5,000 dollar makeover? Sounds good to me!

Blog Princess G said...

Hooray for brownies!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I love brownies but I'm down with cupcakes, apple pie, certain crumbles, pretty much all deserts. ha

Dee said...

I could use a 5K makeover, but I'm betting you don't mean a new hairstyle and wardrobe, right?

I'd have voted for pie :(

Núria said...

I'm all for brownies!!!! Hope you are happy with the results... I know you are happy with the results!!!! I'm happy too :D. I even made a sweet gift post for Barack Obama. Didn't know about the contest you mention. Maybe I should send my post... I even sing there ;D

Darius T. Williams said...

Yup - I bet brownies are the faves...and there's a love/hate relationship with nuts too.