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A Review and a Giveaway of Jane Green's Promises to Keep

I love to read, but every now and then due to life's demands and stresses I have what I heard  fellow blogger Kelly call Readers Block. No matter how much I want to , I just cant pick up a  book and read it in its entirety. Not so with Promises To Keep from Jane Green.This book held my interest and was devoured. I must confess this is the first time I have heard of the New York Times Bestselling author, who is a leader in the chick lit genre.
Promises to Keep touched me on many levels. Inspired by her best best friends battle with cancer and promise to write about it about it, Jane Green assembled a charming cast of characters we all can recognize from our families. A free living but somewhat scatter brained sister Steffi, who finds her way in life through her immense  talent for cooking. The protagonist Cassie, an admired  and loved photographer, friend,mother, daughter and wife raising her kids with a loving husband who spends more time away from home, due to work . But the situation works for all, and the family unit is strong, until tragedy forces some change. Add two divorced parents who haven't spoken in years , and the best friend,who one can could ever hope for, Lila .
 If the topic of cancer puts you off or scares you, don't let it. Promises to Keep is more sweet than bitter. I recognized some of my journey with my mother battle on these pages.There is plenty of love and laughter , with comforting recipes from the author herself, to balance out the tragedy of witnessing the one you love slip away. Love is found in unexpected ways, what you thought you didn't want, you do, and feelings long dormant, come to life.The reader also sees incredible profiles in strength and resolve.Time did not permit me to actually make a recipe, but I will once things settle down. One recipe that really caught my eye was Lamb Shanks with Figs and Honey.The recipes range from vegan, to fish ,meat, and dessert Jane Green writes the recipes with ease and my cooks instinct tells me they are winners. To see a whole list of Jane Greens recipes go here.
To kick off your summer reading and inspire you to add a few more recipes to your repertoire, I am giving away a copy of Promises to Keep. Leave a comment telling  me if you're are a fan of Jane Green already , your favorite book, or just why you want a copy of Promises To Keep. Comments close on June 19.

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bellini valli said...

Thanks for turning us on to this book Courtney. It is current with plenty of good food thrown in to comfort the soul.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I know what you mean about reader's block... That book sounds interesting.



Anne said...

I am a fan, actually! I like her writing - it might not win a Nobel prize, but it's fun to read!

Tiff said...

I am always looking for new authors to try. This sounds like a great new book.

Nisrine@Dinners and Dreams said...

I'm curious about the book and its author. Sounds fantastic!

Sima said...

i love Jane Green!Shes one of a my fav authors and over the years ive managed to collect most of her books. You can follow her on her own blog too. One of my fav books is Jemima J, i saw alot of me in the main character and that book really changed my life and its a fantastic summer read! :)

Nina Timm said...

Sounds like my kind of read!!

maybelle's mom said...

i have broken my readers (and writers block) with a book called a guide to the birds of east africa.

But, this one looks great too.

Jamie said...

I have never heard of Jane Green but there is nothing like a good chick lit book to calm, sooth and make me laugh. Jennifer Weiner, Helen Fielding, Jeanne Rey, Jo-Ann Mapson are read in between the Dickens and Austen and the Rankin & Mankell. Weird mix, huh? I just lost my brother to ALS and I think I'd like to read about someone else dealing with the same thing.