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We're Moving on Up! Coco Cooks Has Moved.

Remember your first place? It was the most exciting move in the world. Maybe you started off with advantages  and a full perfect house, or maybe you stared out with nothing,and added as you went. Eventually you outgrew  the place , as your needs and desires changed. Well that's how I feel . It was with a little trepidation and fear, I decided to move. I heard  and saw the horror stories before. But I knew I had to do it and wanted more after four years of paying my dues in the blogging world. Through Twitter I found the incredible magician web developer,Vino Luci, who held my hand, and voila!She really understands a food bloggers needs and was worth every penny.A blogger has to consider their blog as business and not as a hobby, if they are in it for the long haul. In just a little under a week I feel like George Jefferson who moved on up to the East Side.Its huge difference as you will see. I hope you follow me and enjoy a new and improved Coco Cooks.

If I do say myself, It's hawt!

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I will see you over at the new place where we will be having a Housewarming Party  next week, with a few fantastic giveaways.

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