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The Real Housewives Cocktail Contest Roundup

I'm finally getting a chance to post the roundup for the Real Housewives Cocktail contest. I'm on vacation right now and attending Pastry Camp( all Chocolate ) at the French Pastry School Chicago. Can I just say I am am having the best time and this course is changing my life. Literally! Stay tuned for some Glamh-a-rous pastries coming.

So back to the purpose of this post. Unfortunately I didn't get many entries. But they were all stellar! I did try to get prizes for the actual housewives and husbands to no avail. But I did find this great prize to give away to whomever wins the poll,The Williams and Sonoma Bar and Wine Guides. A great set of books for any bar.
Judy from No Fear Entertaining gave us this fabu CelloRita. A sinful yet refreshing concoction go Limoncello and Tequila inspired by the Barneys from Orange County.

Chris from Mele Cotte was obviously inspired by the local flavor of peaches and those sassy Atlanta wives with Sheree’s Sassy Southern Stance.

Michelle from Big Black Dogs gave us the Red Patent Leather Swinger inspired by the most flamboyant honorary 'housewife', Simon. Need I say more?

And finally my cocktail The Countess' Cherry Lime Gin Rickey. I will post mine in the polls, but naturally am not eligible for a prize.

On Twitter I got a great recipe from a non Food blogger, Nadiart inspired by the not one of Bravos Housewives, but a a more Desperate one Bree. Perfection in a glass. Rose Lemon Drop Martini in under 140 characters. She then advises how to garnish:

" it looks pretty garnished w/ rose petal, slice lemon & pinksugar rimmer - if I had the ingredients I'd make one and send u a photo"

So here are some great cocktails for the weekend. Enjoy and go vote for one on the left sidebar.

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Bren said...

girl, i'm kicking myself for not participating, especially since i just posted this most incredibly sexy cocktail! i dind't come up with it or name it, but it was made for me so i still would have claimed it for purposes of your contest. drats. good luck to all the contestants!!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Courtney, You look like you're right in your element! Have fun, can't wait to see photo's!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A great roundup! You look like you are having a wonderful time there!



Nina Timm said...

Pastry school, oh Courtney I am green with envy!!! The cocktails are making me thirsty!!!

The Caked Crusader said...

I'm so jealous of you going to pastry school! Can't wait to hear what you learn

♥Rosie♥ said...

A great round-up Coco and enjoy the pastry camp. Can't wait to hear all about it on your return.

Bellini Valli said...

Good luck to everyone!!!! I am missing so much in the blogosphere these days, but enjoying the summer..would be nice with a cocktail:D

we are never full said...

do i have a problem when i'm licking my lips at 10AM while looking at these drinks?

Hendersonville Epicurean said...

Pastry Camp!!! You look so relaxed and happy. Can't wait to hear your reports on how this has changed your life.

Laurie Vengoechea said...

You look beautiful in your cap!!
I can only imagine how fun chocolate camp is.

The cocktails look very cooling too!

The Duo Dishes said...

Definitely had to vote on that one because cocktails are always a good thing. So fun you're taking a pastry class! Sounds like a blast.

maybelles mom said...

Courtney, you are so photogenic, but then again you are at cooking camp so how could you be sad. Great round up.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Lovely cocktails! I had a splendid one last Sunday - I'm not sure what all was in it, but some of the ingredients were Absolut, lemon juice, some grapefruit and hibiscus syrup. It was truly heavenly.

Peter M said...

Cocktails at 10am I say! C-town, you're looking good in the chef's outfit.