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Between Sweet and Savory

I've discovered a new love. I've never been much of a baker but more of a cook. I remember my Mommy was always baking cakes.She grabbed onto and experimented with any recipe she could,in search of the perfect batter. I wish she was alive today to surf the net and see all the forums and techniques out there. She would be as addicted as I am. I realized as I get older , I become more and more like her. Did she use baking as relaxation , de stressing technique? I wonder...

So I started the Wilton classes this month.I plan to take all 4 levels into next year. I love the whole concept of merging art and food in cake decorating.Check out my first few personal projects above.Certain Someone is not as enthused about my new hobby. And what to do with the practice cakes, he asks?I took the last one to work, and it was gone in no time at all.Certain Someone would rather I focus on more savory dishes for him. He returns tomorrow from Europe. As the fall chill enters the air, my thoughts run to fixing him a goulash and a apple tart later this week. Last year around this time we went to Columbus Ohio and actually went apple picking with our hosts.So I'll roll up my sleeves if time permits this week , and make Pate Brise Sucre to hold my fanned out apples. Wish me luck. I seem to have better luck with tarts than pies.

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kilabyte said...

Now you've given me a real problem. 2 blog sites AND one with cooking tips and techniques and only 24 hours in a day - and I sleep for 18 of them.

C'mon Glamah16, gotta help me out here .... I'm with CS, savouries for me too please.

What are you going to use the other blog site for again?

Have you, or are you, making Ozzy pies and pasties too?? Now CS would enjoy them. If needs be get the Gabster to explain .... oh yes, don't forget the pie-floater with sauce ..... mmmmmmmmmm.

glamah16 said...

A pie floater sounds right up CS's ally. A tomato sauce covered meat pie floating in a thick pea soup. All the things he loves. Haven't figured out a Ozzy Pie,as Google searches keep bringing up refrences to Ozzy Osbourne. I'm sure its a meat pie as well.
Will continue to blog on both. Just want to separate the food from the other stuff going on.:-)

kilabyte said...

You got it in one ... a simple meat pie BUT, an Ozzy meat pie .... not that pommy (sorry, English) rubbish. The right mix of puff pastry, minced beef or goulash or vindaloo (yummo), a liberal dash of tomato sauce (sorry, ketchup), served at a temperature (called 'munching temp')that allows you take a bite without incurring second-degree burns, and its got to be eaten in a brown paper bag.

Over here, pies and pasties are traditional "go food", so you eat on the run .... none of that fancy plate and cutlery stuff .... altho' as I get older I think Mrs K is suggesting I use a bag like a horse uses .... wearing more than eating (seemingly).

Look forward to trying your pies and pasties one day ... or at least if you felt like making a couple then Mrs K and Jemma could try them in October and report back to me on a score out of 10???????