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My Boyfriends Mamas Pork Roast

Last summer I had the pleasure of meeting Certain Someones parents in Germany, His mother is a celebrated cook in her families circle. I find it hard to live up to her reputation. He told me that she too felt intimidated by her own mother in laws skills. Now I don't speak German yet, but I watched this woman and caught on to her easy explanations. BTW , cooking is a good way to learn a language. I love trying to decipher foreign language cookbooks. Mama Certain Someone cooked many fabulous things on that trip. One of them was so simple, yet amazing. I learned she learned this recipe from her father. I don't know if its typically German, but it fits in with their heavy emphasis on meat.

1 Pork Loin

1 container of salt( approx 1 lb)

Cracked Black Pepper

Place pork in a cast iron skillet. Take the salt and pour around the meat. The pork should not sit on the salt, just be surrounded by it. Cover the surface with pepper. The irony of this is that the meat takes what it needs in terms of salt and is not salty at all. Roast uncovered for 1-1 1/2 hours( depending on the size of the cut). The first time I did this was with a pork shoulder. Today I used the actual loin. Surprisingly its moist and tender.This makes for great slicing and sandwiches. I'm serving it tonight with a baked macaroni and cheese. We like to drizzle truffle oil on it. Fattening, but good comfort food after a long hard week.

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kilabyte said...

MMMmmmmmmmmmm .......... yummo

The Caked Crusader said...

This looks great - what temperature did you cook it at? Do you cover it at all i.e. with foil?

glamah16 said...

I didn't cover it with foil. Surprisingly it doesn't dry out. and goes againt my preconceptions on how to roast meat. The salt keeps it juicy and tender and the meat absorbs just what it need.I cooked it on 375 degrees. The time depends on the size of the cut. This pork loin took about 1 hour.