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Buttercream and Dreams

Originally uploaded by tooknap press
My homework for class tomorrow is to bring three tubs of butter cream.I'm using the frozen leftovers from last weeks class, as it wont actually go onto a cake.I love this stuff, although when you really think about the contents of a longer shelf life butter cream it makes you queasy .Of course it tastes so much better with real butter, cream cheese, or whipped cream added.After incorporating the flavors and colors you cant help but lick a finger, the bowl, etc. I thought I'd get sick of it ,but not yet. I used a yummy pineapple flavoring with this batch . I got so hooked on that I ordered about 12 drams of other flavorings from the same company. Loranne Oils. I cant wait to use them all. Brandy, coconut,vanilla butternut,eggnog....

I signed up for this blog society Daring Bakers the other day. I get to start next month. Its a amazing group who do monthly challenges. I love their blogs index as it leads to all their members food blogs. Its a very interesting and talented group.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that pork looks yummy. and the cakes are luscious. any leftovers?