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New Year Traditions...Akkra,Greens,and Champagne

Happy New Year!

The other day I asked my friend Gabs what are the traditional good luck foods that they eat in Australia. She said they are not into to that as we Americans are. I got to thinking what can I do besides the normal southern style Black Eye Peas ,that we of Southern descent eat on New Years Day. I started thinking of my parents and in particular a dish my Nigerian father made at times. Akkra would be my new twist and variation of the routine Black Eye Peas . I never really got into all the Nigerian food growing up. It wasn't that it was not good , I just got tired of my father eating the same things all the time( 'soup' , fufu,and rice in all there different ways). I remember he brought these black eye pea fritters called Akkra to a school "Show and Tell", once on Nigeria. He added shrimp to them and they were a hit.I decided to add some other spices and green peppers to it. Dried shrimp,if you have it adds a great touch. My mother long since divorced from him made these from time to time as well.They are popular in Brazil and the parts of the Caribbean as well in slight variations. For New Years she was the traditional Southerner and made her Black Eye Peas and Collard Greens with lots of smoked meats. Don't forget the Champagne for good luck! Certain Someone and I picked up these deliciously gaudy glasses in Germany. See the dollar signs? They really should be Euro signs in todays economy.They are RITZENHOFF.And what appropriate glasses to ask for prosperity in the New Year!

So here's to a wonderful ,healthful,and prosperous New Year!

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Cynthia said...

Happy new year!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Glamah, Happy New Year to you and your certain someone!! Your fritters look so good, you did your parents proud!!

Deborah said...

Happy New Year to you!! I have never tried Akkra before, but is sure does sound like a wonderful New Year's tradition!