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The Brews Now Ready

In late October I posted about some spirits I was making for event. It takes three months to 'take'. Well today I strained them and bottled them(I still had technically had about 10 more days ).I made two brews. One Prickly Pear and one Plum.I opened the Prickly Pear first, I had cut the skins to release the rich fuchsia color. The liquid was bright and syrupy. And the taste fantastic! I loved it. Sweet and fruity. I can envision many a martini made with this as a base.I then opened the plum, which was lighter in color and not as syrupy. For some reason there was a fizziness which surprised me. The flavor was lighter and less intense, but still good. I can't decide which was my favorite( OK maybe the Prickly Pear). I even mixed the remnants of both in a larger bottle to even flavors out. I love making my own liquors. Next is a Cream Limoncello for my good friend. I came about this from a suggestion from a fellow blogger about my Meyer lemon syrup. In talking to my friend she mentioned she loved Cream Limoncello. So stay tuned.

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Proud Italian Cook said...

Hi Glamah, or should I say brewmeister!! I love your pretty bottles of brew. Make sure you save some of that Limoncello for yourself, it taste good in a lot of baked goods, use it instead of vanilla. Yummm, nice job!!

african vanielje said...

These look absolutely gorgeous. I will have to go back and make the plum one, but don't get many prickly pears around here unfortunatley. Can't wait for the Cream Limoncello.

Anonymous said...

The smoked provoletta, the syrups and then cream lemoncello...ahh! Could you be my neighbor?