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I'm Back..Tomato Stuffed with Tilapia with Roasted Cauliflower

I had a very busy and productive time in Ft.Lauderdale. The trade show I attended was devoted to 'The Americas' and had a strong Latin feel. Everyone looked so sleek and polished and spoke Spanish, French, Italian , and English.I was fortunate to get upgraded to a suite ( my absent bosses influence).Check out what was parked outside my balcony.
Our Distributor for the Caribbean took a group of us to a great restaurant called Michaels in the Design District of Miami. Outstanding! I took bad picks that I wont even post. But the menu was divided by small, medium, large, and extra large plates to share. I had a yellowtail tartar to start, a slow cooked pork shoulder with cheese grits,and tangerine pot de creme served with baklava on the side.This was a very popular place worthy of the fine reviews. My only beef was the slow service. But my dinner companions were animated and fun ,so it was no biggie. I love great conversation with people from other countries.We then wrapped up the evening at the club set up for the show attendees. Many a deal is done with a drink on the dance floor.I finally got away and made it to bed well past midnight to begin round two of meetings.
So arriving to a chilly wet Chicago made me long for warmer climes. Certain Someone wont move to the islands, so I can only dream. I see he had ate the 'smokey' butterscotch puddings he protested about. I decided to make fish for dinner as he was at work. At Michael's I had a side of roasted cauliflower in this wonderful sauce of oil and basil I think. The market was out of basil so I purchased mint and parsley. I had a head of cauliflower and tomatoes from the box last week begging to be used. I just pureed a bunch of parsley with some cloves of garlic,lemon juice,olive oil, sea salt,oregano, black pepper,and a few leaves of mint. It wasn't the one at Michael's but it was pretty good and packed with flavor. I seasoned and rolled my Tilapia fillets in hollowed out tomatoes. Oiled the pan . Then I added the cauliflowers florets and baked on a high temp of 450 degrees until finished. I also took the tomato pulp and lightly cooked it down with a squirt or two of tomato paste. The parsley sauce was artfully squirted through a bottle.
This was great light dinner loaded with flavor.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Florida must be a great place to visit! Very "exotic"!

That dish must taste wonderful! Very summery...



Rosie said...

Your travels look amazing girl!! Love the pics and reading about it.

Now your dish looks and sounds wonderful. I adore tomatoes and stuff double yummy :)

Rosie x

Peter M said...

Welcome back girl! Those little finishing touches like your parsley sauce makes all the difference!

I have to buy some of those squirt bottles!

kittie said...

Mmmm, this looks so good!

Sounds like a great trip too :)

Ben said...

Hey Courtney, welcome back! It seems like you had a great time in warmer lands and you ate some delicious dishes.

Your stuffed tomatoes look delicious. That's was a great come back. Hehehe


chou said...

Welcome back to grey IL. Your tilapia looks marvelous AND it's on sale this week. Sunday dinner here I come . . . Slow service seriously stinks. I dragged some friends out on a restaurant crawl yesterday evening and the service (and quality) at our last restaurant was horrid. I'm still mad.

Deborah said...

Sounds like you had a great time!!

The cauliflower sounds delicious!

L Vanel said...

Light dinner is my middle name this evening. Very inspiring.

Cynthia said...

Sounds like you had a productive trip.

Proud Italian Cook said...

Looks like you had a great trip, that photo makes me want to go to Ft. Lauderdale right now!( I even have relatives there) We got teezed over the weekend with the warm weather,now its cold again:(
Your tilapia dinner looks terrific!

Emiline said...

Glad you had a nice trip. Sorry about the Chicago weather. It's been really rainy here today in MO.

linda said...

And you call that work ;)
The tilapia looks delicious! Love the idea of cauliflower with olive oil and basil.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about Florida. Everytime i go down there i don't want to leave. Love the weather and i love that boat outside your window! Damn, i want a ride!
Sounds like a perfect day!

Anonymous said...
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Bellini Valli said...

If only I had a job like you!!! The wining and dining part for sure. This fish dish sounds like something wonderful from the tropics....if I close my eyes I can feel the tropical breezes.