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Crispy Pata

A few months ago Certain Someone and I dined at Sunda, a hip Pan Asian establishment In Chicago. As is usually the case, I ordered the best entree of a Crispy Pata( Lechon). A pork shank roasted until crisp, skin and all and dipped into a garlicky vinegar sauce. Philippine in origin, It appealed  to the German pork lover Certain Someone was. He had no problem finishing off my dish,as it was very filling. 
So one day shopping at my favorite wholesale  meat market, I saw fresh pork hocks in a bin alongside pig  ears, tails, kidneys and hearts. I struck gold as I never see fresh pork hocks in the supermarkets, only smoked, with little meat.I confess I smoked up the house making this at home.But it was worth it .In the Philippines they usually boil and then fry the shank. On the internet I found several oven based recipes that seemed equally successful and less messy. I would recommend perhaps trying this on an outdoor grill this summer. Its tasty and rich. I used the leftovers the next day and placed over warm Soba noodles tossed with the vinegar sauce. It was heavenly.Certain Someone was mad I used the leftover bits for my lunch, naturally.

Crispy Pata ( Lechon)

 Fresh Pork Hocks
A few cloves of garlic( unpeeled) to taste
Bay Leaf
Black Peppercorns
*Fish Sauce (optional)
Vinegar Sauce
3 parts  White Vinegar to 1 part Soy Sauce
Minced Garlic to taste

 In a large pot, cover the  Fresh Pork Hocks in cold water. Add Bay Leaf, Peppercorns, salt, garlic cloves, and fish sauce . Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and let simmer for approx 1.5  hours.
Remove  the hocks from the water.

On a lipped baking sheet , place a rack. Place the boiled hocks on the rack and roast at 450 F until the the skin starts to crisp and puff.Be sure you have proper ventilation in your kitchen. You will have to turn the hocks occasional to ensure it roasts crisp throughout. This may take about another 45 minutes or so.Remove once crisped to desired  doneness.
Mix up in ingredients for Vinegar Sauce and serve with the Crispy Pata to dip. 

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Peter M said...

The lechon looks effin'A! I've had pork shank and although big, it's delish and crispy skin to boot!

Nina Timm said...

In Namibia we've had the smoked eisbein, but I think I will like this way of cooking the shank better!!Sure to try this one!

Cheryl D Lee said...

I love carnitas, so something tells me I would love this! I'll have to find some pork shanks...

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That meat looks irresistibly crispy! A fabulous treat!



Toni said...

I don't think I've had shanks before, but crispy with dipping sauce says "FAB" to me. I'm on it!

tobias cooks! said...

I love the seasoning. Fish sauce is a nice idea.

Lori Lynn said...

It does sound heavenly!

We ate at Sunda on my last visit, really enjoyed it!

~~louise~~ said...

I was just eyeing some pork hocks at the butcher yesterday. They too were smoked.

This really sounds like a wonderful recipe to try on the grill, Courtney.

Thanks for sharing...

The Caked Crusader said...

Wow that looks good. I love this sort of juicy, flavoursome pork.

Jamie said...

Yum yum yum! Love this kind of finger lickin' good food! Guess I could use lamb shanks? The rest is perfect!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

OH MY! yumminess! I tried this in manila and luckily, there are places that serve this deliciousness in HK, I wouldn't dare trying to do this at home...maybe one day...