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So It's Mothers Day

I always face Mothers Days with sadness and some dread.It's hard to watch everyone while out and about celebrating with their Mother or Mother figures at brunch. I wish mine was still here with me.I lost my mother in 2000 from Ovarian Cancer, and it still feels like yesterday.We were pretty low key and if she was alive we would probably be side by side in the kitchen this Sunday making some sort of feast . She was my best friend and confidant. While she's no longer physically here on this earth , I know she's with me in my heart. That's what she promised  me before she died and I feel it everyday. In a way she lives on through this blog. You see, she was the extraordinary writer and baker, things I never had much interest in before, .It was my mother that encouraged me to dream, dare, and  just be me. She was self sacrificing, nurturing, and full of love . As I grow older I see and understand her more  through my looks, mannerisms, experiences, and journeys . I am her, Little Jackie , as the family likes to say. I'm grateful to all my great aunts and aunts who are still there for me and promised my Mother that they would watch over me. Their support has made these past years more bearable.To all  the mothers and mother figures everywhere, whether here physically or in our hearts. You are loved.

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Alejandra Ramos said...

That's a really beautiful tribute and I'm sure she would have been proud to read that (and every other word you write!)


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Beautiful words... May your mother always stay in your heart!



Memória said...

Thank you for this post. Those with living, caring mothers sometimes take for granted what they have. It is also nice to remember how blessed you are that you had such a loving mother and that you have caring relatives willing to take care look out for you. On a similar note, there are people who have/had mothers who never cared about them even while alive. So those with emotionally-present mothers. should all be thankful.

Thank you, Coco, for reminding me of this.

Barbara Bakes said...

A very touching post. I hope have a day filled with wonderful memories.

Ruralrose said...

Hi, couldn't pass by without commenting on the excellent quality of your writing. A lovely tribute, and you captured the essence of love so eloquently. I am motherless as well, but my mom-in-law arrives here for 2 weeks tomorrow. Thanks for sharing, catch up later - peace

Bellini Valli said...

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful memories with us Courtney. A very Happy Mother's Day to all the special women in your life.

The Caked Crusader said...

well said.

Dagmar - A Cat in the Kitchen said...

What a beautiful tribute. I'm very sorry that you lost your mother so early. Many hugs!

Redbonegirl97 said...

I am sorry to hear that, I feel the same way whe father's day rolls around. You have wonderful memories of your mother and you should def celebrate the love as a mother she gave to you. Sweet post.

Peace, Love and Chocolate