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Chicago's Christkindlmarket

It's that time of year again which I love. Certain Someone and I caught up with our old friend the Rock at the cities Christkindle Market. I have lived in Chicago for a decade and only upon partnering up with my German Teddy Bear, have I really discovered this gem. The market is on Daley Plaza and is open from Thanksgiving Day until Christmas Eve. The model is based on the actual Christmas Markets through out Germany. The market attracts local,German, Austrian, and Polish Vendors. You can buy anything from bratwurst to Cuckoo Clocks. I love the scent of the sweet spiced almonds that permeate the air. The boys just go for drinking hot cups of Gluwein and chasing it with German beers. The hot wine comes in cute yearly addition cups shaped like boots which you purchase and get refills. We have a whole collection. from the years. I always forget mine and have to buy another. So while they drank , I browsed the the stalls. I consumed 2 cups of potent Gluwein, 1 cup of Kinder Gluhwein( I was feeling tipsy so switched to alcohol free version), a Lieberkasse Sandwich with Sauerkraut( so good, think fried pate meatloaf), and a half apricot almond strudel. You have to eat a lot so the wind doesn't blow you away here in the Windy City. You could have stuck a fork in me because I was done. Only a brisk 20 minute walk revived me afterwards. I anticipate a few more visits before Christmas. It's the perfect meet up spot amongst all the Holiday hustle and bustle. For a German it may not be truly authentic, but I think it comes mighty close .

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1 comment:

marias23 said...

ooo! i wanted to go to the christkindlmarket this past holidays weekend but didn't have time. i'll try to this weekend. looks fun!