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More To Be Thankful For...

Today a day after Thanksgiving( feeling fat yet content), I got a Fed Exed delivery from my friend. She's gone crazy with my Birthday last week and the gifts keep rolling in. I have pestered Certain Someone for a while for my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. He doesn't get the hype. I told him its like your whole craving for GPS . Despite his lack of understanding he delivered for my birthday and I've been finding ways to use it. Well this afternoon the Fed Ex man drops off a big box outside my door. My dear friend and colleague Vicky ordered me the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Attachment pack! Now I'll be able to grind meat,shred veggies, and strain fruit and veggies! Did I mention she gave me a great new cookbook as well called Taste from the Neiman Marcus people? So I just have to keep the edible goodies coming to her and her family. My screams of delight woke Certain Someone from his mid afternoon nap after a turkey nosh. I mentioned Kitchen Aid was even featured as one of Oprah's Favorite Things. He rolled his eyes on that one. So now I'm ordering sausage casings and how to books online so I can make him a savory treat with the new toy. He'll see that was a good investment. But in the meantime I wish this bloated feeling will go away as I reach for another leftover nibble.

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1 comment:

kilabyte said...

Hahahahaha ........ the only problem with becoming a cooking diva is to know when to eat a lettuce leaf and when to not eat at all - notice .... no middle ground.

I'm looking forward to your next instalment.