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New Feature...Friday Cocktail Hour

I try to see the good in everybody. While most sophisticated foodies loathe Sandra Lee (I am in no way whatsoever endorsing Ms. Lee's Semi Homemade!) with a passion, there is one segment of her show that always brings a smile to my face. For better or worse,when she says 'It's Cocktail Time' and shakes her shaker I wake up and show some interest. I " love to hate" .Most times her concoctions make me grimace ( I'm remembering a blue one she made with that awful Hypnotique to go with her blue table scape).But Sandra Lee is my inspiration for this new weekly feature.

I love a good libation and love to play with the findings in our bar. I constantly pester Certain Someone to bring me back some Duty Free booze on his travels. So I have decided to devote my Friday posts to the cocktail. What better way to unwind after a hard week, than with a cocktail?I can see why its Sandra Lee's favorite time of the day and show. Cheers you all!

For this weeks cocktail, I used the last of my homemade Cream Limoncello for this sneaky treat! I was inspired by a dessert I saw using limoncello and raspberries. Think of this a liquid grown up dessert. Its pretty strong and sweet, so one is all you need.

Cream Limoncello and Chamborbtini

1 part Cream Limoncello

1/2 part vodka

1 drizzle of Chambord for the bottom of the glass

Shake ice, vodka, and cream limoncello in a shaker. Add a few drops of Chambord to the bottom of a martini glass. Pour mixture over and into glass.You can garnish with fresh lemon slices or raspberries.

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We Are Never Full said...

you know what, girl, for the first time in my whole life, you made me think in a different way about sandy. she may not know sh&t about food, but she sure can make a cocktail! i LOL'ed when i read the hypnotiq part. HA! Does Sandy even drink? She seems like the naughty virgin? the 'tease' if ya know what i mean!

i'd love to come over and share one of these with you! i love this new feature!!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Oh, YAY! I'm so excited about this feature. I am not a big drinker, but promised myself a big ticket cocktail one night each week this summer, while sitting on my balcony. Heaven.

Heather said...

Yay, cocktail hour! It's about time! :D

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Okay how did I miss this blog? I'm glad Jen mentioned in a comment on my blog that she likes your recipes. I was thinking what recipes?

I do like this Friday Cocktail idea.

I still loathe Ms. Lee and her darn tablescapes.

Peter M said...

Did someone say drinks? Now being a guy & all, I'll forgo the girlie drinks and wait for some substantive booze to come my a Boner King drink concocted? lol

Mary said...

Hooray for cocktail hour! And I definitely need to make that cream lemoncello. Did you ever see the clip of Ms. Lee on the 700 club. It's really kinda creepy.

Luca&Sabrina said...

We are glad to see your comments on our blog, if you also have some critics,don't be afraid, we're trying to improve ourselves and we have lots of things to learn. Thanx for coming again. Great blog! Can we add your blog among our friends?

Blog Princess G said...

I'm RSVPing that I will be most happy to attend Coco's Cocktail Fridays. :)

Lisa said...

Great idea -- the Friday Cocktail Hour. I'm on board! I don't go in for sweet martinis, though -- why muck up the vodka like that?! ;) I'll go so far as to have a Cosmo, but that's about it. I do like the raspberry idea. Down here there's a bar that serves an "adult" lemon shake-up: One made with vodka, and they put a swirl of raspberry puree in it. Yum. I have to try making that one at home; at the bar, they get $7 or $8 for it and I always want to drink about three!

Núria said...

Cheers Guapa! A toast to you :D. I usually don't have cocktails but I could easily learn and drink some :D

Emiline said...

Cocktail Friday- yay!

Proud Italian Cook said...

I'll be looking forward to Fridays now because you sure can whip up a mean cocktail!!

Rosie said...

Whoohoo a great idea cocktail fridays!!

Rosie x

Hendersonville Epicurean said...

Love the idea of Cocktail Friday! I'll be checking in each week to see what you've "con-cocktailed".

Good luck with the dress. Seems like we're all working on our own dress in one way or another! :)