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Apple Puffs

This past week I was on a baking roll. Two days in a row I brought in treats for the office using what I had on hand. The previous weeks puff pastry from the Daring Bakers challenge was in my freezer waiting to be baked. Apples arrived Monday in my organic delivery box . Naturally I knew what to do for a colleague who complained she didn't get any of my cookie treats the previous day, and I promised that I would whip up something special for her. These apple puffs are very easy and go a long way. They were a hit in the office. I made full size in cupcake liners and smaller bites in a Flexi pan mold I had. The puff doesn't have to be perfect and feel free to use scrapes to shape a base. I love the portability of these puffs. The bite size ones would go over well on any dessert tray for the upcoming holidays, open houses, or brunches.You could use smaller candy,muffin liners as well,if you don't have that size. While I had homemade puff pastry , you could use store purchased as well.

Apple Puffs
1 sheet puff pastry
4 apples peeled and chopped
3/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp pie filling enhancer or cornstarch ( I use King Arthur's)
2 tbsp water
1 cinnamon stick
1/2 cup Apple Cider
1 tsp vanilla

In a sauce pan add apples , sugar, apple cider, Cinnamon stick. Cook on med heat until apples are soft, but still firm. In a glass mix your pie filling enhancer or cornstarch with the water. Add to the hot apple mixture in pan and cook until thickened. Set aside. Remove Cinnamon stick before filling shells.

Preheat oven to 350F.
Roll out pastry dough on lightly floured surface. Cut into squares to fit your muffin pans. If not enough you can piece scraps as well. It doesn't have to be perfect. Drape and fit into muffin cups. Fill each with apple filling.
Bake for 15-20 min until golden and filling is bubbly. Remove and let cool on rack. Serve at room temperature.

Printed recipe here.

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Megan said...

I could eat a dozen of these!

Black and (a)Broad said...

Too bad summer's over. I bet peaches would also be fabulous in those little pastries.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Your co-workers are very lucky ;-p! Those apple puffs look delicious! a great idea.



~~louise~~ said...

oooooo aaaaaah don't they look darling:) And easy too!!! I could even whip these up Courtney.

Thanks for sharing...

Half Baked said...

I wish I worked in your office! Those look like some tasty little bites:)

tobias cooks! said...

looks delicious. I can't get apples yet, but in a few weeks I will try your puffs.

Cynthia said...

I am such a sucker for any dessert made with apples and these beauties are perfect.

Nina Timm said...

I would love to have a few of these tartlets with a cuppa java!!!

Chou said...

What a fun way to use up puff pastry scraps! I bet these are great to make with kids, too.

toontz said...

So perfect for a fall day! Looks yummy!

Luca and Sabrina said...

Puff pastry and apples...that sounds fantastic! We love these little cakes and we'd really like to be your office colleagues, even just for one day!

Room design studio said...

exactly what I need to make for Mom.. thank you!!!

Plus I adore your tweets !!

Karine said...

They look so cute and delicious! Thanls for sharing:)

Proud Italian Cook said...

I'm with Nina, I'm ready for a few of these with some good coffee!

ASHLEA said...

these look like the perfect holiday treat... yum!

Kira said...

These look adorable and delicious! Do you know approximately how many you got from one batch? Thanks!

glamah16 said...

Kira. I made dozen large ones and 9 minis. Depends on how much Puff Pastry you have. I would say a box of puff pastry can give you a dozen and few. I had a lot on hand.

Marye said...

Yumminess! They look amazing.