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Consolation Prize

So today I received a unexpected consolation prize.I ran a search to see if any information had been published about the winners of the Bucktown Apple Pie contest. I managed to find a article in a e- food magazine called Hungry Magazine-All Things Tasty ,from a judge in the preliminary rounds. There was a link to a photo slide show of the 'prettier pies ' in the contest.Lo and behold , who's little old pie was among them?Yes, my Spicy Apple Caramel Drizzle. Not bad as I didn't even place. So yes that's a huge consolation, visual recognition. Wait until next year!

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kilabyte said...

Congratulations Toots .... looks like you've discovered "the sweet and tasty" side of yourself .... but your friends knew that about you already.

Deborah said...

Woo Hoo!! I had to look through the slide show, and yours definitely belongs with the pretty pies!

glamah16 said...

Thanks you two. ;-)

Gab In The City said...

YAY Congrats darl - I didn't have any phone reception in Canada so I couldn't wish you luck - but I was thinking of you...and very proud to learn that you have been recognised in this way. I'm going to check out the article/site now and drool all over the computer!