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What's For Dinner Honey?

Today was on of those days. But all worked well. Certain Someone has been away on business and I've been all alone feeling isolated because of the car issue. Its hard to adapt to public transport when you drive everywhere for work. Then we had a false alarm with the security system . Having just landed and getting the call, he picked me up and we met the police officer in front of the house. Better safe than sorry, but that's the third time that has happened in two years. Nevertheless the car is back in my hands and as I drove home , I pondered what to make my baby for dinner. I had a whole bunch of pecans left from my pie experiments, and a pecan crusted chicken breast came to mind. Served alongside some pasta with cream, Parmesan, and sun dried tomatoes. I quickly googled pecan crusted chicken and settled on Emerils recipe for chicken fingers. I chose to use breasts and substituted Panko for regular bread crumbs.I was surprised at how flavorful and tasty this was. A great alternative to fried chicken. Reminded me of my college friends oven baked cornflake chicken, except way more sophisticated and grown up. It was so tasty I forgot to serve the honey mustard sauce on the side. Didn't need it at all.

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