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Clean Eating

I fell upon this magazine called Clean Eating this week. I'm not one for diets and I find the weight has crept up on me over the years. Nesting with Certain Someone hasn't helped. We love food, good food, and don't necessarily want to sacrifice that.My current physical activity is just walking at any opportunity I can.I used to belong to a great gym which my bank account couldn't sustain anymore.I admit half the time I went there was for its country club like atmosphere. But I did go to classes and while I felt it didn't make much of a difference, I see that now without it , it did.Certain Someone leads a fast paced work life with most of his time spent flying all over the world. Needless to say his diet needs careful attention as well. We both need to do something and I love this magazine because it focuses on good healthy food that doesn't necessarily mean tasteless sacrifice. So I plan to work some of these recipes into our diet. I already did a variation of one( just used some other ingredients(peppers,tarragon, shallots and brined the chicken) but followed the technique of baking in parchment. OK, I added a drizzle of olive oil, but much better than pan frying or adding a heavy sauce.Certain Someone ate it up with some brown rice.

Today I making these fabulous Chocolate Almond Meringues made with natural sugar,cocoa,and almond extract. 5 of these little bites comes in at just 77 calories. I had planned to bake some cookies, but will satisfy myself with these morsels. I'm not swearing off all good decadent food,just trying to be more aware and balance things out for us.

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Deborah said...

I am the same as you - I don't like to diet. I am a believer in all things in moderation. I'll have to look for this magazine - it sounds like a good one. I love Cooking Light because the recipes are still tasty, just a little more weight conscious.

Mary said...

I don't like dieting either. I've never heard of that magazine, but it sounds really cool and I totally want to eat those chocolate almond meringues!

Mary said...

OH yeah and I'm tagging you!

chou said...

Thanks for reminding me about putting up rules!!! Hah--I can't believe I forgot. :) I love Cooking Light for lower-cal recipes, and the library always has back issues. My favorite exercise in Hyde Park in the winter (other than slogging to work through piles of snow) is ice skating for free on the Midway. So fun!