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Holy Mole

I haven't been a good participant in the weekly challenges of
Chou over at Balance announced the final week 3 super food and it was Cocoa. Not necessarily meant to be used in a dessert. Check out all the nutrition facts on cocoa on her site, who would have guessed. No wonder people feel so good after having chocolate. I immediately thought of a mole sauce. I have never made mole but decided to do some research. None of my cookbooks had a recipe, so I improvised.And that's the beauty of Mole, there are so many variations.I used a combination of chilies, spices,chicken broth,and cocoa powder . I read ground peanuts or almonds are also added but I passed on that.Hey its Coco's Mole so I can do what I want.In shopping for my Chilies I noticed some Corn Husks, and decided to attempt some tamales too. A chicken poblano tamale drizzled with Coco's Mole. Yummm. Certain Someone the other night asked what a tamale was when we were bowling. 'The Tamale Man' came into the place selling his wares from a cooler type device .Seems hes legend around Chicago at after hours spots. Me, I have never heard of him , but though it was a good business idea.

Just so you see I really made my own Tamales! This dough batter is Masa (tamale dough), a combo of shortening or lard,with Masa, baking powder,salt,and water. Seemed simple enough.
Here is my Chicken breast cooked down with some Mole, poblanos, and onions.A
And here is the star , the Mole. I cooked this for about a hour, but it could have simmered down even longer.
And here are my tamales steaming in my homemade contraption. I took a baking cooling rack and placed it a long roasting pan with water. I covered it too.
All in all a long labor that Certain Someone seemed to enjoy. He ate four. I explained how its not really a entree and felt bad after all that effort he didn't have more to eat.But he liked it and the Mole of which he spooned more unto his tamales.

Coco's Mole ( adjust spices to your taste)

3 tablespoons cocoa powder
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon sugar
6 cups chicken broth
2 oz dried chilies( ancho, California chili pods,etc)
1 large onion
minced garlic
olive oil

Bring your dried chilies and broth to a boil. Reduce heat and let simmer until pods soften, take pods and slice open to remove seeds. Reserve liquid, but strain to remove any excess seeds. Saute the sliced onion , cumin,and garlic in olive oil until soft. Using your blender, in batches pulse chilies ,reserved broth, and onions.Once all has been processed put in heavy sauce pan and simmer . Add your cocoa powder and sugar and stir constantly until incorporated. Simmer stirring occasionally for at least 1 hour. Be sure to taste to adjust seasonings to your taste.

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Emiline said...

Wow! So much work, but it looks like it was worth it.
I have to build up my nerve before I attempt these.

Peter M said...

When I was in Chicago, I was suprised at that it had a large Latino community but from your Mole dish, you folks benefit from their influences...nice show!

Ben said...

Oh yeah! I feel very humble now because you made tamales before I did and I grew up eating them :-p

Your mole looks delicious. That is actually a variation of mole Poblano, from the state of Puebla, but every state and region in Mexico has its own variation of mole. It'll take a lifetime trying to make them all. :D

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Wow, this looks amazing. My DH loves tamales, too, and he'd think this was off the hook! I have to make it.

Rosie said...

Oh my oh my, your mole dish & tamales look amazing!! Great post..

Rosie x

Megan said...

Double yum! I think I'll try this but I'm cheating. I'm buying my tamales from the local vender at the farmers market

Deborah said...

I love tamales, but I've never had mole before. I've heard of it, but have never had the opportunity to try it. I need to make some!

chou said...

Sorry I've been MIA! Yum--this looks so good. I found a great article about how food from the middle east influenced the moles of Mexico. See here to read it.

jasmine said...

I'm very impressed...I've not done a lot of Mexican foods, but from what I've tried, I love it.


Heather said...

I tried to make my own tamales once, but when I opened the husks they had holes in them (and I found a little weevil). I was gonna use 'em anyway, but they were too brittle, so I ended up just making tamale pie like the white trash diva I am. :) You just go ahead and send me summa those, k?

glamah16 said...

Thank you all. Your so kind. I plan to more expermenting in the Tamale medium ,sweet,savoury, you name it. Stay tuned.

Heather- What is a tamale pie.Sounds really good. Is it like layers of the dough with the meat ,sauce, and cheese? And what is a weevil?I'll be scared when I open my next pack of husks.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

I love mole poblano!!! Yum, this looks awesome Courtney! Let me grab my fork and I'll be right over! ;)
I am with Heather, Tamale Pie is awesome! My mom just made it last weekend - I didn't know it was White Trash, though.....learn something new everyday! Anyway, it is a layered casserole with meat and beans and cheese and cornbread and jalapenos, olives, onions, chili get the picture.

Pixie said...

I'm in awe that you made your own tamales! Well done!

Kate / Kajal said...

Long back i saw on discovery that the Aztecs used cocoa in their food from ancient times. And then ofcourse i saw Anthony Bourdain in Mexico and the use of cocoa for a dish . Cant remember what exactly , but i'm guessing its the very same one u have featured here. Obviously with a very diff recipe. This ones original, and i really wish i could have some of yours and i don't see myself working so hard for a meal :D

Heather said...

(I was only joking about it being WT - I just called it that 'cuz I turned it into a casserole)

Jenn's technique is correct. A weevil is a small insect.

Proud Italian Cook said...

This looks delicious Courtney! I love home made tamales, I've never made them cause I have a good friend who makes them once or twice a year and I always get some.
I bet your mole was the bomb!!

Anonymous said...

K, So I headed into London today and bought all the what I think will be necessary to make tamales. I even bought mole from a jar because I remembered hearing about mole and now I come back to reread and realize-ahh!!! I could have made my own home made sauce. I'm going to read more on tamale making this week and make them this week. I hope I'll succeed!