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Blackberry Almond Tarts

It's been a crazy week and this is the first thing I have cooked for myself this week!

I love my Black Berries. OK just joking. Yes I have two. Don’t ask. The actual fruit tempted me in Costco. I have wanted to make a dessert incorporating certain pantry items I have, slivered almonds and Atora shredded Suet a friend brought back form the UK. I was determined to try this suet after researching my Plum pudding recipes for Christmas. A lot of cooks have moved away from this old fashioned product but like lard it makes for really good baking. Doesn’t make it right but it just is. So everything in moderation I say. I have made a lovely Almond tart before by Lindsey Shere of Chez Panisse I read about in Alice Waters and Chez Panisse by Thomas Macnamee. Alice provides some great recipes in her stream of consciousness way. Not exact, but very good , and easy to follow for the home cook. I decided to use an Atoras crust recipe sweetened with Confectioners sugar and Lindsey’s filling studded with additional blackberries and sprinkled with sugar to aid the berries cooking. I also used my homemade plum brandy for flavoring and a vanilla bean. I did not blind bake the crust as well. So I have veered away from the original quite a bit. The final result was a fantastic semi sweet flaky crust with a caramelized almond filling studded with tangy sweet blackberries.

Coco’s Black Berry Almond Tart

¾ - 1 cup self rising flour
½ cup Atora Suet
2-3 Tablespoons of cold water
3 tablespoons of Confectioners Sugar
Lemon Zest
¾ cup heavy cream
¾ cup sliced almonds
¾ cup of sugar
Vanilla bean
Liquor of your choice for flavoring (I used homemade Plum Brandy)

Preheat oven to 350.
Combine all your crust ingredients in stand mixer bowl. Lightly whisk and add water gradually while blending on Medium speed. Stop when just combined. Dough will be sticky. Butter your tart tins or pans. Shape the dough into each form and chill for approx 20 min.
Bring heavy cream, sugar, and seeded vanilla bean with pod to a boil in heavy sauce pan. Remove from heat and add almonds and liquor. Let sit for a bit. Remove vanilla bean pods.
Fill shells with almond cream mixture. Stud tarts with berries. Sprinkle granulated sugar on top. Bake for approx 30 minutes. The tarts should start to bubble up and caramelize. Remove from oven and let cool. Serve warm or room temp alone or with ice cream.
* Note: Place your tins/pans on foil or a baking sheet and mixture will bubble over .

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toni said...

You had me at the home made plum brandy.....Yummmmm!!!

Pixie said...

These tarts sound wonderful, especially, with the addition of almond flakes and using home made plum brandy.

Rosie said...

Oooooh just look at those magnificent tarts of almond and blackberries!!! Gosh I am So loving these as I sit drooling into my keyboard!!

I agree about everything in moderation and suet is great in baking. :D

Rosie x

Anonymous said...

I just found a source for this same lard and it's only 20 minutes away.I am thrilled by little things like this:) Well, pasties and pies just don't turn out right without it, right?

Bellini Valli said...

These tarts would go over really well right now. Thank goodness I just had breakfast :D Blackberries grow prolifically all over the coast...not in the winter though:D

Peter M said...

What a pretty tart (the dessert of course)!

I love almonds, blackberries and I can't turn down plum brandy.

Marq said...

Wow, your tarts look delicious! I too, am a fan of blackberries (both the phone and the fruit, lol). Keep up the good work

linda said...

They look delicious, only the suet part doesn't appeal to me. But I'm sure you can't really taste it. Cool that you made your own plum brandy!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love blackberries! Your tart looks delicious! Suet in pastry always gives fantastic results!



Emiline said...

I know what Suet is, but I've never used it. I'd be willing. For a couple of months, I used lard in pie crusts, but I'm back to shortening now.
I don't know why, so don't ask me.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Wow, that crust looks so flakey and delcious and those blackberries (the fruit ones, that is) look awesome!

Deborah said...

2 Blackberries?? The tarts look and sound amazing. If you're only going to cook one thing, this is what I would choose, too!

Toothfairyrecipes said...

WOW looks great. will try it sometimes soon:-)

Gabi said...

OMG you're killing me here. ...Homemade Plum Brandy! yes I am so there!

My Gran used suet in some recipes but I have never come across it other than for bird feed. I'd like to try it- maybe I can mail order or something.

Really lovely tarts!
x x x

Mary said...

Wow. You really are amazing. I'm so impressed with the homemade plum brandy and your using shredded suet. The tarts are beautiful and blackberries are one of the few fruits I really like.

Proud Italian Cook said...

On Sunday, I bought a carton of these jewels from Costco too. Your tarts look delicious, I'm still curious about that suet though! BTW, love the play on words (black berries)

The Caked Crusader said...

Yum, nice tarts. We're definitely singing from the same hymn sheet on this one!!!

glamah16 said...

Thanks evryone. I was surprised and pleased with the suet. I don't know ahy its hard to find here. Granted its not the heathiest option, but it works like a dream. The reason I have two Blackberries is simple,one for work and one for personal.

Heather said...

Haha it's funny that you showed your blackberry, 'cuz when you and I first started emailing I thought to myself, "damn, her typing is even worse than mine!" Then I realized it's because you were emailing me from your blackberry! :P