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Tropic Kale Smoothie..Iron Man Meets Iron Chef

Chou over at balance ,

along with Julius and Lauren have come up with a great event. Iron Man Meets Iron Chef. Its a month long tests of physical and culinary feats. I'll pass on the physical but will rise to the culinary part.

So when Chou announced on Sunday the super food my mind started racing (if only my legs and body would follow suite). Kale prepared for breakfast is this week’s theme. I love Kale, but for breakfast! I immediately thought of a Kale frittata, or poached egg whites with kale. All good but I wanted to push the envelope. Breakfast = quick in my house on weekdays. So whats better than juice or a smoothie! In fact Kale has so much protein, anti oxidants, health promoting benefits that don’t cook off as much as other veggies. But raw, its packs a lot of punch. People eat it in salads and juices. Kales not just for soup. In reading up I saw a lot people make smoothies with some kale leaves and fruit. I picked Vitamin C packing fat burning citrus fruits to balance of the bitter kale. I even came up with a cute name Tropic Kale. Get It! And you know what, it looks weird, but tastes pretty good! Not to fruity and a little bite. I'm buzzing right now as I type. So all you athletes or lazy bums like me drink up!

Tropic Kale Smoothie
3 tablespoons lite coconut milk 25 cal
½ cup diced Papaya 27 cal
½ cup diced Pineapple 38 cal
¼ cup fresh orange juice 112 cal
½ cup raw Kale 17 cal
¼ cup tofu 65 cal
Throw it all in the blender with some ice and let it rip.

284 calories (a meal in one)
* I approximated based on calorie guides and amounts used. This is not exact.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's healthy. I feel stronger just reading about it! haha

Proud Italian Cook said...

Sounds like a great energy booster, something I could use right about now!!

Deborah said...

I would have never thought to add kale to a smoothie! I'll have to see if I'm daring enough to try it out!

Ben said...

When I used to play sports, many years ago, I always drank something similar to this smoothie. In Mexico City is called bomba (bomb) and it is a coombination of fruits, grains, orange juice and honey. This healthy smoothies are so good that I want to make one right now :-p

glamah16 said...

Thanks everyone! It really is surprisingly good and energizing! I have a new appreciation for Kale now that I dont always have to cook it down.

Mary said...

What a neat event! That's very creative to make kale into a smoothie. And very healthy too! I would try it, but I'd have to do it without the tofu.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Never EVER would have thought of that! Looks super good! Me love greens!

Poonam said...

Wow...great energy booster..

Anonymous said...

Kale for breakfast. I run everyday but I couldn't.....maybe...I'll try it.

Emiline said...

This sounds like it could be in that book, Deceptively Delcious! Way to go! I feel like going for a jog, now.