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12 Days Of Cookies A Gourmet Cookie Extravaganza...Viennese Vanilla Crescents

On the 6th day of Christmas Cookies Glamah baked for me Viennese Vanilla Crescents,Bizcochitos( Anise Cookies), Brown Butter Cookies,Chocolate Meringue Biscuits, Benne Wafers,and Navettes Sucrees. I think we have all had this version of cookie for the holidays. Ground Hazelnuts, butter , powdered sugar delectable! Gourmet published this recipe in October 1991, so the recipe and instruction were pretty clear and straightforward. I did find the dough once again on the dry crumbly side. I actually had to warn up balls of dough in my hand to melt the butter a little and from the crescents. Be careful with these when removing form the oven because they are very dry and crumbly. But once they set in their bed of powdered sugar and get an additional dusting, they cool down to a perfect cookie. Certain Someone found them dry the night I baked them. However I took these babies to work along with tomorrows cookies and they were gone in 60 minutes!People even emailed me for the recipe. They loved them with the morning coffee and that they were not to sweet. So if you time , and patience, give the cookies a whirl.

*I halved the recipe which said it made 100 cookies. Halved I got around 25 normal sized cookies.
*This recipe has a recipe within a recipe . You must make the Vanilla Confectioners sugar at least 24 hours ahead.
* And most important. All images taken were by CSI(Certain Someone Images)for CocoCooks.He's getting big time now!
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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those are some of my favorite Christmas cookies!



TeachGirl said...

This looks like something I really would enjoy. Maybe I'll give it a go. CSI strikes again btw. Nice pictures too.

Andrea said...

I do love these cookies, they always look so pretty and decorative, and I like that slightly dry crumbly texture in a cookie. Perfect with milk or tea. Lovely job!

Christina said...

Do you think the crumbliness in texture was because the recipe says to cut the butter into the dry ingredients? I'm working on a recipe with butter+confectioners' sugar, but the butter is creamed. The texture, however, comes out rather dry (unlike the picture) and I think it's because there needs to be more butter.

Anyway, these cookies are always a winner with everyone! I'll have to try the vanilla confectioners' sugar one time.

Peter M said...

Courtney, they remind me of Greek Kourabiedes...yummy and buttery!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Wow Courtney! These look gorgeous! These are some of my favorites! YUMMMM.

linda said...

My grandmother used to make those, yum!

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Those look like they turned out wonderful! I love how they look and I'm with Peter they remind me of the Greek Butter Cookies (glad they turned out better!)

Ivy said...

Yea, me too. They remind me of kourabiedes.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love cookies? I think they should serve milk and cookies to world leaders..there would then be peace :)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Those look heavenly, Courtney. I've really loved your choices. I'll be baking some cookies tomorrow. CAN'T WAIT!

Lori Lynn said...

These cookies are right up my alley, not too sweet. Perfect. Oh yea, with a hot cup of coffee.

Bren said...

Courtney, I'm not a big cookie maker; so will you send me some! :)

Anonymous said...

Keep the cookies coming! I'm loving them!


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I love these cookies. I'm enjoying this series very much.


I have a strong sweet tooth.