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Ben and I Are Spicing Up the Pot!

Ben and I have come up with this great prize for the winner of our Tamale Open. We have decided to let you vote for the winner after the roundup is published on May 5,Cinco de Mayo. You will up until May 10 to vote, and then we announce the winner. The winner will recieve this great Indian Soft Hammered Spice Box and 8 spice blends(Tandoori,dried Thai Chilies,Sansho seven spice blend,Himalayan Pink Salt,Quatre Epices,Ras-El Hanout,Chipolte Chili Powder, and Panch Phoran). All can be used or stored in this nifty spice box which can also serve as your Mise en place when cooking. So dont forget to enter.

*If the winner is outside of the US, we will replace the spice element of the prize with another item if shipping has restrictions.

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Deborah said...


Mansi Desai said...

we call it masala dabba in india:) I have the dabb, but I so need your spices!!:)

toni said...

I made tamales once. I sat with a couple of girlfriends all afternoon and we kept assembling and assembling and assembling. When all was said and done, we went home with perhaps 18 tamales each. (We had eaten the rest!)

I adore tamales, but these days I get them from a Mexican woman who comes by and sells them. Love the recipe box, and love the idea of getting Indian spices as a prize for making tamales!!

marye said...

This is so cool..It has been awhiel since I made tamales!

Heather said...

Daaaaaaaamn... Okay, I totally am bringing my A-game then. :)

Mary said...

I just had a tamale tonight! I LOVE them. I may have to enter this event because I have coveted my sister in law's spice box for years now!

Emiline said...

Oooh, I'm in!