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We Bake Bon Appetit ... Day 1: Orange-Almond Lace Cookies

Last year a group of intrepid bakers, including myself decided to bake 12 Days of Cookies for the Holidays. Our inspiration was a great spread on chronicling decades worth of cookies .With the demise of Gourmet ( may she rest in peace) we turned to another Conde Nast publication. I must admit Bon Appetit has never really captured my interest, but their holiday slide show provided just the ticket our growing group needed.

I must be insane to do this again. Last year the cookies built up and overtook my house. I ended up giving them away at a few friends Holiday parties. Certain Someone , at first indulgent, was not amused after a while. He will be away while I bake this year. I knocked out three recipes with him here and he liked one in particular, which is rare as he does not like sweets so much.
The first cookie Im posting is similar to another one I will post a little later. I worried about this, but the taste are way different and each cookie stands apart. What I love about these challenges is I am introduced to new recipe , I might not otherwise bake. So indulge me over these next 12 days. I will be posting a lot this December, as Tis the Season! Bon Appetit!

My first Cookie is the Orange - Almond Lace cookie. I love these butter and sugar based cookies that are mixed on the stove before baking to a deep golden color. If you are scared of butter, back away. The recipe called for finely chopped almonds, but I ran mine more into a coarse almond meal with some sliver chunks remaining. Don't be alarmed at the batter, it it runny and you drop it by the spoonful inches apart to bake . They spread into a delicate lacy pattern as they crisp up. Addition of a little egg makes then stronger. Dont be afraid that these are turning too brown while baking. The more golden and dark, the more the flavor comes through, as the sugars caramelize. You can find the recipe here.

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I think you may, in fact, be a little nuts, but we all happily get to benefit from it! ;-) I love these lace cookies and really have to try them some time. They were always my favorites growing up.

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Love these! These recipes HAVE to be easier than the crazy ones from last year right???

RecipeGirl said...

These are gorgeous! Nice job.

Maria said...

Love these. So delicate and divine!

Bellini Valli said...

Nut's are common in cookies Courtney:D Just a little baking humour. These lacey cookies remind me of the brandy snaps my dad used to make when we were kids.

RJ Flamingo said...

I was thinking of trying these or the other ones, later in the week. Yours look so good - now I'm intimidated! :-)

Di said...

Your cookies look lovely--I love the stack. I think we must all be a little insane to be doing this, but it'll be fun, right? =) I'm sure I'm going to be giving lots away as well--the daycare teachers are going to love me or hate me before this is over...

Andrea Meyers said...

I love lacy cookies and yours turned out great. I'm glad you could bake with us again this year!

kellypea said...

These are so beautiful and I can imagine that they are tasty as well. Lots of respect to you for pulling them off so well -- they remind me of one of my disasters from last year's Gourmet lot! *cringe* Looking forward to baking with you, Courtney!

Megan said...

They look delicious. Good cookie choice! I only have 3 cookies left from 12 weeks of christmas cookies and I can honestly say I'm burned out on making cookies. I cant imagine 12 days. You guys rock!

Goody said...


i am looking forward to this and you know where to drop any extras when things get overwhelming in the flat!

Sandy Smith said...

These are so elegant, Courtney! I'm so glad we're back together and baking again! ;)

Michelle said...

YUMMY Courtney and they look so perfect too. I did not pick this recipe but I think I might change!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I'm glad you're doing this again this year.

Look forward to see your other fab creations.

George@CulinaryTravels said...

These cookies look lovely, so delicate and delicious.

It was lovely to meet you at FBC 09 too :)